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Internship Program

Kidzone, the children’s ministry of New Life Bible Church in Winnebago, IL, is pleased to offer children’s ministry internships during the summer of 2017. From June 7 to August 13, 2017, we will be hosting up to twelve interns who are volunteers in training within our children’s ministry. During this program, our interns will be learning about children’s ministry through classes and conferences then by ministering to the children of our church, our community, and our outreach events.

The internship is for high school students, college students, or other young adults who are considering their calling into ministry, whether that is in formal, full-time Pastoral ministry, volunteer service in children’s ministry, or in any ministry in or outside of the church. Each intern will be given training, experience, and time for reflection to discern their calling and find their fit in their own local church or community. Interns can be local, from the Northern Illinois area or from around the US or the world!  We hope to offer a diverse experience for our children this summer.

Throughout the summer, we will offer Vacation Bible Schools, sports camps, worship camps, summer camp, and other fun events in addition to our regular Sunday morning children’s ministry classes. The interns will have the opportunities to creatively teach Bible classes, host the sports camps, serve as camp staff, lead worship, and mentor/disciple the children we serve, along with other ministry opportunities to our church and community. Interns will also be taught to lead children to Christ and then to baptize them in the name of God-the Father, Jesus-the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our interns will work directly under the supervision of our Children’s Ministry Director, our staff, and our volunteers in partnership with the leadership of the church and the parents of the children. All interns should love Jesus, the Word of God, the church, and children and be committed to living to honor God, His church, and His people.

This is an unpaid position, but travel expenses, housing, food, events, and other living expenses may be given if our international or other guests need assistance to participate in the program. No offer of employment is given or intended. Both parties will agree this is a volunteer position with no promises or expectations of wages and no rights which are limited to clergy. Although this is a training in an educational format, no promise of college credit is given. Each intern is expected to be available daily from June 7th to August 13th, with limited flexibility for other commitments. Days off will be scheduled. Our interns will be living in community with church families and other interns. Agreement with our policies and expectations will be a necessary part of our internship program. Those policies will be explained during the interview process and further clarified at orientation. They simply will be utilized to ensure each intern, host family, and the children we serve are protected and respected and God is honored.

To apply for our internship program, please complete the application found HERE. It should take you awhile to complete it, but don’t be overwhelmed if it seems like too much. We really want the answers to be brief and the wording to be simple–remember, we’re a children’s ministry.

Applicants should apply for the internship program by January 15, 2017. Those who have applied by that date will know by February 15, 2017, if they are being considered for our program or not. We will continue to consider applications until May 1 or until all of the slots in our program are full. International applicants can expedite the acceptance process if you need to apply for a travel VISA. Please communicate your country’s preferred timeline with us.

Thank you so much. We will be in contact with each individual who completes an application with the next steps in the process of becoming an intern at New Life Bible Church’s Kidzone Children’s Ministry. We are already praying for you! Please be in prayer for our church, our staff, our interns, and our children. God Bless!

~Shelly, Kidzone Director





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